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About us


To pack one`s bag
taking an active part
in travelling!
_____Den Koffer
packen und aktiv

Live   is   too



Das Leben ist


zu kurz!


Particularly the medium Film has decisively formed and has shaped our culture, while the passive life of the spectators has cost basically everybody a lot of lifetimes, which one could better have been of use.

An active life has another quality however this must not be better or more satisfactory in our time, because round us already an artificial ado of the interpersonal relations has spread.

Now the medium Film has received at the end of time a high significance and entertainment value, however, also in this branch there are „black sheep“,  who are not to become  prosecuted, nevertheless, retrospectively, because every individual should have received without exception the chance for the settlement of his “life account processing” on time!

However it must be paid attention mutually to the fact, that the open debts are also paid, which continuously accumulate.

Notices: Nobody is the other person a judge, if abysses open by  the TV- medium, because a clear balance- account will follow for every person, whether here or somewhere else, this no one can prevent! 



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