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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the

Hanse Town Luebeck                    




Peek & Cloppenburg

Moenkebergstr. 8

20095 Hamburg


December Monday, 1st 2003

Key Alliance/ CC

Please let this letter be handed over to the right places.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the end of time you as Luebecker citizens have the boldness to build up a very expensive project in the middle of the city in spite of the facts that lasting for years something has happened, mainly in Luebeck.  You wanted to let build as a result a further department store and some medical practices now, so that the rouble can further roll by lent money.

The state is more than only high indebted but further you quite immediately aim at luxury and prosperity, indifferently where the money comes from.

For many years you half Luebecker jumping jacks have dared by your despicable procedure to bring the commanded Authorities to their mind, whose exactly must live with this sick and stupid Luebecker population.

Now you want to twist the facts and you want to use these wrongly, when you want to make martyrs from Authorities.

This and a lot more is anymore excusable.

You will not fetch the department store Peek & Cloppenburg to Luebeck, because in this regard the market is saturated for a long time.

Still it is possible to line up your present and very excessive project into something reasonable as far as my person could estimate.

Since the placement is excellently suitable for a kind of boarding school, now you will use the moment rightly to go about it immediately by a professional reconstruction for this required projects by a good architect.

This boarding school building** should not be guided by psychologists or psychiatrists, because just this group of persons is not innocent on it, that there are already a great many adolescents, whose at the end of their possibilities can  come through life only by using intoxication means.

There are always reasons for it that a young person, who had to bear the sick society, already often as a child, finds no other balance or equilibrium and then would like to go into an intoxicated state.

A great many affected young people come from a destroyed parent house, there from, where the family often is attacked from outside, normally by very hard-boiled so-called women, whose are placed well and always classify themselves higher than other people.

The number of such so-called persons increases continuously.

The procedure of them is also not unknown, since this clever group of person’s starts working at the children of the affected man to destroy the family and in most cases, such a so called woman** of this clever group gets the husband with great success.

The woman and mother, who must bear this permissive institution of marriage then alone basically often has not the strength for it and in such a way the son, who has a special relationship to his mother, mainly has to burden** the situation.

Mainly a boy bears this encumbrances and later then as an adolescent, often he will get the possibility by consumption e. g. cigarettes, Ecstasy or the new alcoholic mixed drinks, which for young people are payable; at first only to go to earth and as a result he is going to be taken into a dependence by drugs afterwards.

The daughters on the other hand will have been warned by the appearance of their mothers and dearer will set to the side of such hard-boiled so-called women, too, to will not stand there one day as an involuntary single-parent. 

Often these girls will take a social pedagogic, psychological profession.

Not every woman can find the strength for stay without a man, whether without or with the aid of her children respectively of her child, so that she also will try to penetrate into a marriage and relationship and all the rest of it.

At first this form of broken society is called by my person to mind its own business now,  to be able to be a model for the youth again by doing obedience.

That meant, not the consumption measured in business volume has the highest priority, but the future of coming generations.

Immediately you have to order, that these new alcoholic mixed drinks will disappear from the market; you will also take Ecstasy from the market.

Alcohol and cigarettes will be available for everybody by the pharmacies and drugs have to be getting by the psycho analytical ones (psychiatrists) in their practices.

This planed Luebecker Schuesselbuden project, please, you have to realize immediately; that meant, the boarding school should be guided together with an urban school, which should be future-oriented separated according to the sex and without every fail psychological garbage and without artificial personal.

Good pedagogues will do and above all good classmates, otherwise a young person will not be well anymore.

The classmates should perhaps also consist of persons, whose by the machinations of their mothers came into an advantage and as a result others had to come into a very considerable disadvantage, what does not mean, that such persons are burdened with a debt or are lesser worth.

Only something would like to clarify the Empress clearly; definitely these persons are not more worth as the affected adolescents from destroyed circumstances.

You and head professional persons like a psychotherapy worker, a social worker and above all a judge had taken from these adolescents still the last value introduction by the drug-related crime at the end and especially these mentioned kind of people have allowed, that the environment of the children and young people was attacked and destroyed.

But you are increasing these professional states like the social workers, the psychologists, the psychiatrists and judges and want to let these persons coming up to the children and adolescents, so that the child and the adolescent should understand, how sick they are.

However, that their vis-à-vis can be the indirect cause of those illnesses** and this vis-à-vis always should be able to become more and more stable by their commitments in the completely wrong places, that is, what one has to start pointing out very clearly hereby!


All youth workers, social workers, attendants, psychologists, psychotherapy workers, judges of the Juvenile Court and so on will divide their work by reasonably activity in future, when these ones in cooperation with the police or Federal Armed Forces will spy out all hobby chemists of various designer drugs.

You may let suppress the whole drug ring inclusive the harmless Party drugs and the entire illegal drug market, when you will spy out the base and of course by placing the drugs to the psychiatrists, whose may hand in "the stuff" to the affected persons, at which a prescription must be available by a doctor of the medicine by a physical investigation or a short conversation there.

Beds in a normal hospital for some affected persons of hard life- threatening states have to be put for disposal, too, where one day maybe the very painful, withdrawal symptoms will occur any more by the possible requested universal means,*** so that young people should be spared the hard, painful withdrawal for the time being.

You and other persons will earn no golden nose on these adolescents anymore; now end is in this regard with your social unions, your organizations and your questionable** aid!

Yesterday was asked once again for donate by Unicef for needy children by an extensive event via  TV.

It is very laudable that you have money to spare for children in Romania.

Today you receive this mail of your Empress, who admonishes you again, because please you should understand, that there certainly were many women and mothers, whose were not self-centred in this regard for their children, but the child nevertheless gets into the addiction of drugs.

The whole environment is anymore right in our time, so that the children and adolescents had to pay the bill for a long time; thus each one can calculate oneself what still is going to come.

You might not be bitchy for this reason you half jumping jacks and tell your Empress the truth at last, who knows the way for the most part.

Now, for the Luebecker people it will become no bed of roses anymore, that is what I already can promise now. Should you strain the Authorities even more, then grace you Almighty God *** anymore!

For the company Peek & Cloppenburg (Prick & Paddywhack-castle) you need to invest no money anymore; for this construction your Empress guarantees for a long time, you sick Luebecker gluttons, you!

In Hamburg you will have to deal in the same manner as a matter of course and in such a way this and much more others shall be moved by clear ideas up to the Banging Man in Spain and on and on!

Not even an animal won`t  behave in such a way.

You are playing with the highest value of a human being, you beastly terrible pets!

On behalf of


January 2017 Text checked - August 2019*** Document checked

***The psychiatrist worldwide are responsible to give affect to possible requested universal means!


All rights reserved

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